Concerto for Astronauts: A Tribute to Challenger Space Shuttle Tragedy Inspired & Produced by Alex Ayzin & Written by Emile Sichkin

The concerto presents the listener with a tremendously exciting performance. The work, created by Russian born pianist Emile Sichkin, and realized by producer Gene Heimlich, is performed by a variety of arrangers and musicians on synthesizers, using sampling and a combination of lived instruments and vocalists. It duplicates the effect achieved by a large symphony orchestra including choir, pipe organ, several percussionists, strings, horns and woodwinds. Soloists include violinist Terry Steinberg, New Age keyboardist Raphael, The St. John’s Choir, David Beal and Paula Bing.

The piece is divided into three themes, which are interwoven in eight movements, each having several sections. These include a classical overture, a baroque suite, a passacaglia and fugue, a lullaby, a requiem, an Ave Maria and a grand finale with full orchestra and choir. It is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between multicultural artists striving to create a brilliant interplay between symphonic/classical synthesizers and pop.

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Winds of Freedom Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation dedicated to achieving world peace, including the presentation of a spectacular multi-media concert event celebrating man’s struggle for peace and freedom over the last hundred years, with riveting images of the human quest against oppression set against a backdrop of music from one of Russia’s finest composers, Emilian Sichkin.

The WOF program is a dazzling symphony of music set against breathtaking historical footage of the defining moments of our century, and words from world leaders and celebrities of our times, together in a magnificent multi-media presentation dedicated to peace among all nations and peoples. It is a synthesis of music, vision, performance and humanity celebrating the spirit of hope, courage and cultural harmony.

Alex Ayzin has brought together a combination of efforts from a diverse group of international talents to communicate the shared goals of peace and freedom. Emilian Sichkin’s brilliant eight-part symphony allows for numerous multi-media versions to be created depending on the news of the day.