Filmmakers Preach Peace During Visit with Rotary
Speakers share message of ‘Winds of Freedom’
June, 2017—Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter

L-R: Pete Allman, Rotary Pres. Bianca Torrence & Alex Ayzin

At a well-attended Malibu Rotary Club meeting May 31, Ukraine-born composer and producer Alex Ayzin, right in photo, shared his mission to share Winds of Freedom, a multimedia symphonic film documenting the past 100 years of mankind’s loftiest and most honorable achievements while the world concurrently grappled with natural and manmade disasters, with oppression, persecution and war.

Ayzin’s inspiring film project has one laudatory goal: to promote peace and cooperation amongst nations and peoples in order to further cultural harmony and unity.

The film is moving and informative, providing a panoramic montage of historical footage showing the beauty of Earth’s diverse environment, natural wonders, of animals in their native habitats and of momentous acts and accomplishments demonstrating mankind’s fundamental goodness and awe-inspiring potential.

Photo of Alex Ayzin standing in front of John Lennon Educational Bus that travels the United States giving young people a chance to create original music with state of the art instruments and equipment.

Alex Ayzin, Creator of Winds of Freedom Symphony & Multimedia Presentations

After this peaceful, harmonic montage, the film segues to showing various stark depictions of the reality of the human condition—images of war, violence, nature’s capriciousness, paralyzing storms, and, most telling, visuals of those unfortunate and avoidable disasters caused by man’s selfishness, myopia and avarice.

The hauntingly beautiful program is set against a backdrop of musical pieces by Emilian Sichkin, a composer who, like Ayzin, emigrated from communism in-order-to flee persecution.

The affable, ardent Ayzin’s message is simple: We’re all in this together, so we’d better get it right, and luckily, if all people collaborate and think before they act, we can do so.

Winds of Freedom is a decades-long passion of Ayzin and it was originally performed in Carnegie Hall in the 1990s.

Photo of Alex Ayzin and Dennis Mathews at the 2017 Presidential Peace Conference in Atlanta promoting the Winds of Freedom.

Alex Ayzin at 2017 Rotary Pres. Peace Conf.

Peter Allman, seen left in above photo, is Communications Director for Winds of Freedom and assists in the effort to share the message of peace and harmony nationwide.

“The early bird gets the worm and in this context, we all need to try to achieve peace,” Allman said. “If we don’t have peace within ourselves, there will be no peace in society. Alex and I have concluded that people need to be educated about that principle and everyone needs something to guide their inner peace.”

Allman told attendees that the Winds of Freedom effort has three initiatives: to take the film on a national tour in order to spread its message of unity and harmony, to develop a national television show to accomplish the same purpose, and to take a mobile truck to schools, community centers and parks to ensure that it has the most exposure possible.

Alex Ayzin's father in his Red Navy uniform during his military service for the Soviet Union. The whole Ayzin family defected in 1979 to the United States.

Alex Ayzin’s Father

“From Malibu to Moscow, my film needs to be dispersed to inspire and educate and to share the Message of Peace,” Ayzin said. “My father, a former Russian Naval Commander who saw atrocities, says that mankind is in the most dangerous time since the Cold War. All it takes is one little trigger and nuclear weapons might be launched. We have to prevent that from happening. We have to extinguish the fire of hate and give peace a chance.”

The essence of Winds of Freedom is that the avarices of human nature sometimes upset the natural order, and it is only through an understanding of historical context of past atrocities, of man-made environmental disasters, and of sometimes violent and tenuous interactions between nations, that people everywhere can overcome evil and waste and achieve world harmony and environmental safety.

Winds of Freedom is a remarkable multimedia event giving peace a chance—one viewing at a time. The Malibu Rotary helped in its own small way to spread that message.

The house where Martin Luther King, Jr. grew was burned down and then rebuilt as a monument to his work and legacy. Alex Ayzin, creator of the Winds of Freedom Symphonies & Multimedia Presentations, is seen here looking plaintive as he contemplates the legacy of the great man. Obelisk at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change with Alex Ayzin of Winds of Freedom.

Winds of Freedom Visits MLK Monuments to Peace

Alex Ayzin is seen here contemplating the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. at his boyhood home in Atlanta, which was burned down and then reconstructed as a monument to his struggle for civil rights, peace and nonviolent change. Winds of Freedom logo with the words Give Peace a Chance over a globe and dove of peace.