Press Room & Media Exposure for Winds of Freedom

Ticker tape moving gif link to Expert Click Profile of Alex Ayzin, creator of the Winds of Freedom Symphonic Multimedia Presentation and Winds of Freedom Foundation. E.B. GO Vision Media, Inc., the official PR firm for the Winds of Freedom, is generating Internet News Releases for WOF campaign using the Expert Click & News Release Wire System. All the news releases are picked up by Google News and the system allows for showcasing videos from You Tube or Vimeo and podcasts from Sound Cloud.  Winds of Freedom is dedicated to achieving world peace, including the presentation of a spectacular multi-media concert event celebrating man’s struggle for peace and freedom over the last hundred years, with riveting images of the human quest against oppression set against a backdrop of music from one of Russia’s finest composers, Emilian Sichkin.

Hot link image snapshot of Barbara Burke article page from Mailbu Surfside News on Winds of Freedom Foundation website. Barbara Burke of the Malibu Surfside News wrote an article about the Winds of Freedom presentation to the Malibu Rotary Club the June 2017 issue. Her comments about the Winds of Freedom Multimedia Presentation and creator Alex Ayzin are interesting and observant. Pete Allman, Director of Communications, was on hand to introduce Alex and give an overview of the Winds of Freedom and efforts to promote peace and non-violent solutions. Click Here to read the full article. 

Image link snapshot of webpage of Mexican TV interview of Alex Azyin and Pete Allman as President Donald Trump talking about the Winds of Freedom Foundation. During a Winds of Freedom Press Junket to Mexico, Alex Ayzin and Pete Allman as President Donald Trump was interviewed on CNR TV Noticias by Franco Puccio about the Winds of Freedom Symphonic Multimedia Presentation, Alex’s upbringing in the Soviet Union, the efforts of the foundation to promote peace and non-violent solutions and more. Franco Puccio, the author of Don’t Ever Give Up, was fascinating with the interview and had fun talking with President Trump impersonator Pete Allman, who is also WOF Director of Communications for the Winds of Freedom. Click Here to see the interview video. 

Image snapshot link to video webpage of Laguna Beach City Council welcoming Alex Ayzin and Pete Allman to show a preview video about Winds of Freedom and introduce the council to the Winds of Freedom FoundastionIn an effort to enlist the support of government agencies, the Winds of Freedom’s top officials were invited by the Laguna Beach City Council to show a promotional video. Alex Ayzin, creator of Winds of Freedom Symphony & Multimedia Presentations and the WOF Foundation, and Pete Allman, Director of Communications, kicked off the council meeting with a short presentation. Originally conceived as a full-length symphony, it was later combined with video to create a media event that celebrates life, teaches history, inspires peace and hopes for a brighter future.  Click Here to see the video.